Gods way

God has plans for people. And some times people don’t like what He wants. But we need to trust Him. But if we do it are way it does not turn out right like we want. Gods way will work when we trust Him, Its like playing Chess without the king. If you don’t have the king you can’t play, in the same way a plan without somebody trusting the plan can’t work. But also no matter what we do the Lord will make the best plan for are lives. Trusting the Lord is important for Gods plan, just like Chess if you don’t have king but had a plan how will you do it? Or like filming You thought of the movie and got it ready but you don’t have a camera how do you do it? So to get a camera you need to trust the Lord.


2 thoughts on “Gods way

  1. Hi Ben,
    Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Grandma and I are excited about visiting you and the family. We are very impressed with your wisdom, which of course, comes from God's Spirit. By the way, learning patience is a life-long goal and takes alot of patience.

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