Now Easter is not all about bunnies. But its about Jesus. It was the day he hung on that cross. And it starts in Mathew 26:1. So Judas betrayed Jesus not knowing He would be killed. And that’s part of why Judas hung himself on a tree. So Jesus was before Pilate and Pilates wife came in said,” don’t have anything to do with this man called Jesus” Pilate tried to get the crowd want Jesus back but he could not. Cause Pilate did not understand anything about Jesus. And then Pilate gave the crowd a choice he said,” who do you want me yo deliver to you Jesus called the king of the Jews or Barabbas”, (they new Barabbas was a murder), and the crowd said,” send to us Barabbas”. Then Jesus was mocked. They slapped Him and spit at Him. And when He was on the cross they said,” come down if you are really the king of the Jews or send angels to save you from the cross”. And two other people were on a cross too, and one said” Lord will your remember me in heaven”, and the other said take us down if you are king”, and the other said” no we deserve this”, (and that one did’t even read the bible cause he was a sinner), and the Lord said to the good one” no you will be with me in paradise”. The next day Jesus was put in a tomb and the high priest made Pilate guard the tomb cause they did’t want any Believers stealing the body and saying Jesus rose from the dead. But when the guards were sleeping angels came and opened the tomb and Jesus came back to life. That’s the Easter story.


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