The true path

The true path is a narrow path that not many people go on. The people who don’t go on the narrow path go on the wide path which is like being lazy that s part of the wide path. But the narrow path is the only that leads to Heaven and the only way to get in is to Believe in Jesus and take Him as you God and then after that your able to get a Bible and obey what He says. But the wide path leads to a terrible place with fire as hot as a furnace. so if you go on that easy path it won’t be good in the end. But the true path can be a hard path to follow so we need to trust the Lord. If we follow the Lord then we get to rule people and get a Crown and are own castle, but if you don’t follow that path then we don’t get anything. The true path will be hard though, but that hard stuff is most likely can to be tests to see if we trust the Lord.


One thought on “The true path

  1. Ben. In order to follow the narrow path you need a map and a compass. Any ideas what those might be when it comes to our spiritual life? Great blog, by the way.

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