Boldness is a thing everybody needs to have, but not everybody has it. The time that boldness is used the most is normally when missionary’s are in prison that is the best time to show people that your bold by: speaking the Bible no matter in what condition, and never stopping what you believe in. But you can use boldness when you need it too, the only thing that is important is using it at the right time. Cause sometimes if you say the wrong thing God judges you. Just like James 3:1 says that its better not to be teachers because God judges teachers      more strictly than any other. So we need to use the tongue wisely and not boast out with words to say. Use that tongue wisely and for good reasons and not for harm also like James three says that the salt water is harm with the tongue and the fresh water glorifying the Lord but just like can salt water and fresh water go together? So that is why when we are bold we use our tongue to glorify.


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