Being a Believer in Christ

Some people might not like that you’re a Believer in Christ, so they might say mean things. But if you stay put in believing God you’ll go to heaven. When Jesus was on the cross and one guy next to him said to Jesus “Well if you are the king of the Jews save us,” but the other man said “No we deserve this but Jesus he has done nothing in order to die,” and then that man said to Jesus “Will you remember me when you die and Jesus’ reply was “When you die you’ll be with me in paradise.” And the man who was foolish had his eyes picked out by a bird. You see the man that was can to go to heaven (paradise) didn’t even know Jesus, he has never even met Jesus still gets to go to heaven because he had faith and then Jesus had given him grace.
So no matter what happens to you stand firm in Jesus Christ.

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