The flood

1,500 years after God created the world  there was a flood. People didn’t believe God at the time and God  was going to destroy the Earth by water. But Noah believed that God was going to flood the Earth.  Noah went into the Ark and brought seven clean animals and seven unclean animals. Genesis 7:11 “Then on that day all the fountains of the deep burst forth, and the windows of the heavens opened up. Then rain fell upon the Earth forty days and forty nights.” After the forty days Noah landed on a mountain but they could not see the mountain. Later Noah saw the mountain and sent a raven and a few days later he sent a dove to find plants, but the birds did not return so that meant the earth was dry. (Genesis 8:7). Then Noah began life again probably building a house with the wood from the Ark. What happened to dinosaurs? God said “bring two of every animal in the Ark.” So that meant Noah had to bring to of each dinosaur. The dinosaurs could of ran out of meat after the flood.

More than 270 stories and records of a worldwide Flood are found all over the world. 
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