Genesis 1:1

Gen 1:1, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Now in the beginning nothing but God was there, it wasn’t blackness or brightness because it was before God created colors, it was a color we never could imagine or ever seen. And God was there. But God created everything in the world and in outer space, he created everything in six days and on the seventh day he rested. God also created a man named Adam, and a woman named Eve. God also created Angels, who were like his guards. But God also says that he has one Angel guarding each person, so everybody has there own Angel watching and guarding for us. But there was one Angel that turned away from God and turned bad His name was Satan, and other Angels became on his side, they are called Demons. Demons attack us, just like they attacked Adam and Eve. But there is a way for killing the Demons, the only way to get Demons to leave you, is to pray and tell them that Jesus Christ is Lord.
Adam and Eve were not aloud to eat out of the tree of Good and Bad, or else they would die, they lived in a Garden called the Garden of Eden, but Satan turned form into a serpent and told them they would be as powerful as God if they ate the fruit out of the tree of Good and Bad. And Adam and Eve both ate the fruit. And then sin came into the world. If Jesus didn’t die on the cross we all would not go to heaven.
You will go to Hell if you don’t believe in Christ Jesus, that is why it is important to believe in Him.


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