The battlefield

Imagine a film camera. All the parts in it have a specific purpose. God was thinking the same when he created the human out of the ground. Wel inside the human theres hudreds to thousands of cells and atoms, and each one has a different job. Now think about the millions of people in the world. God gave each and every one of them a specific purpose. Sadly some of the people don’t fulfill there purpose. Well, whether there purpose was to go to the Amazon, or go to Africa what should it matter if they die there, because if you believe in christ you’ll get eternal life. Just like chess, the player has a specific job for each piece. If each piece won’t do there job the player can lose the battle. God has specific jobs for us so that he can have victory on the battlefield. Just like the chess peices we need to stick to the plan. And in the end when the king returns, or we die on the battlefield we’ll get eternal life with Him. So I want to encourage those who are reading this to go fight on the battlefield for the Jesus Christ.


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