Today I just finished reading the book of Jonah. One of the details I noticed in the book was that it took three days to walk across Nineveh (that be like walking from Williamsburg VA to Raleigh North Carolina). But then sometimes in the Bible the writer wouldn’t put any details. Obviously details help us understand measurements and sizes better. But we do also know that when the writer didn’t put any details he wasn’t mistake in anything because the Holy Spirit was in him.
    The best part about the book of Jonah was the end. Even after everyone was wearing sackcloth and sitting in ashes Jonah wanted God to destroy Nineveh. We also see God’s mercy when He provided Jonah shade, but then Jonah wanted God to kill him. So God got a worm to eat the plant that gave shade, and then the place was so hot that Jonah nearly fainted. In this book we see the Mercy and Grace that God has. Imagine if you hate something so bad that you just want to get rid of it. That is how Jonah felt, but God showed Mercy to all of Nineveh.


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