Receiving Instruction (Part 1)

Everybody hates being told what to do. We would not be alive at this very moment without instruction. The first step in receiving instruction is to use that instruction. Most likely you can find this type of instruction in the Bible and slowly learn to use it. For example it would be like a seven year-old trying to build something but not follow the instructions. Even if the kid was nine he would still need instruction for building something. It is like when a someone gets a Lego set, he can’t build a Lego 4-foot long Titanic (this is just an example:) without instructions. God created man to come to Him and ask for help and praise Him. God created us to need help whether we want it or not. You probably don’t know it but everyday your asking for instruction. Uses instruction is a lot easier then receiving instruction, but you need to be able to receive instruction first then use instruction secondly.


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