God and Technology

1993 the first flip phone comes out. 1992 the first smartphone comes out starting at $899.00 each! By 2006 more flip phones come out. I seriously think they are the coolest things ever. In the matter of fifteen years the first apple iPhone comes out in June 29, 2007, more than half the price of the first smartphone. Now eight years later, the 6.9mm iPhone 6 come out. Even now Apple and Samsung are working on a screen that wraps around a phone.

Now think about it. Our knowledge is not even 1% of what God’s knowledge is. Why do new phones and technology come out each year? Because we’ll never reach the techonolgical limit. We’re unlimited in our limit of 1% if that makes sense.

It’s like space. It goes on forever, and we’ll be dead before we reach the so called “end”. But because space goes on forever, we’re unlimited in our limit of outer space.

Then it hits you. Isn’t awesome God gave us this amazing knowledge. He didn’t have to. We shouldn’t be thanking the corperation for the technology, we should be thanking God.

You see, I love technolgy. So over the last four years, I’ve tried to think of a way to glorify God through it. And it finally hits me again! It’s the whole thing. All of technology is glorifying to Him, because He made it.

He wouldn’t have given us the gift to love technology if he hadn’t had it himself. We’re made in God’s image right?

And yet we think we’re at the limit. But, God doesn’t have a limit, so imagine what he’s created up ther in heaven to suprise us with!

We’re not at the end of all technolgy, we’re just at the beginning. Each day we’re discovering new abilites, and technolgy, we’re getting a step farther from the starting point.

And yet, God knows every science, every technology that ever was. Without Him, we wouldn’t have what we have today.

Never forget to praise God that we can communicate to other beleivers through technology. Without technology, I wouldn’t be writing this post to you. Give God all the glory – He deserves it.



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